Photovoltaics to heat

NAXIS New Energy Concepts offer the complete solution for photovoltaics to heat. The most efficient use of clean self-generated energy. Innovative management of solar energy and consumers results in maximum efficiency with high ecological standards. Photovoltaic modules Quality photovoltaic module 250 Wp – 310 Wp 12-year product warranty Mounting system Complete mounting system 12-year product […]

NAXIS – Success through efficiency

Infra-red heaters featuring the latest technology – developed in Austria – produced in Germany – this guarantees the best quality at the most competitive price. All NAXIS products are subject to end-to-end quality control. The advantages of infra-red heaters are undisputed and sufficiently well-known among all established suppliers. NAXIS – New Energy Concepts GmbH has […]

NAXIS Infra-red radial heater

This is an infra-red columnar heater in a semicircular design which can be supplied as a floor standing model against the wall or a wall hanging corner model. This NAXIS infra-red radial heater is a modern replacement for the traditional tiled stove with the same pleasant heat radiation but with the all the conveniences of […]

NAXIS Infra-red wall heaters

NAXIS infra-red wall heating is a particularly elegant option for infra-red space heating as it is invisibly plastered flush with the wall. Optionally, it can be clad in a variety of surfaces (e.g. Stucco Veneziano (polished plaster), large-format thin ceramics or luxury Murano mosaics – Vetro di Venezia). There are models and designs for every […]