NAXIS Infra-red wall heaters

NAXIS infra-red wall heating is a particularly elegant option for infra-red space heating as it is invisibly plastered flush with the wall. Optionally, it can be clad in a variety of surfaces (e.g. Stucco Veneziano (polished plaster), large-format thin ceramics or luxury Murano mosaics – Vetro di Venezia). There are models and designs for every individual taste and style of living. The NAXIS infra-red wall heating is supplied in heating mats 600 x 2,000 mm. The NAXIS infra-red wall heating is operated with low voltage electricity (24-40 Volt). It is supplied with all cables, connection terminals and the necessary transformer.

It is possible to install several heating mats next to each other if larger wall heating surfaces are required. Our wall heaters are set to a physiologically pleasant warmth of 30 – 40 °C.

All our products carry a 5-year warranty when used properly as intended.