Photovoltaics to heat

NAXIS New Energy Concepts offer the complete solution for photovoltaics to heat.

The most efficient use of clean self-generated energy.
Innovative management of solar energy and consumers results in maximum efficiency with high ecological standards.

Photovoltaic modules

Quality photovoltaic module
250 Wp – 310 Wp
12-year product warranty

Mounting system

Complete mounting system
12-year product warranty


String inverter
3-phase solar inverter
5-year product warranty

Infra-red panels

NAXIS high-quality infra-red panels and wall heaters
150W – 900W
5-year product warranty

Hot water heat pump

LT heat pump with integrated storage up to 300 l
5-year product warranty

NAXIS New Energy Concepts has the complete solution for photovoltaics to heat.
We are now offering our PV combined system in Austria as

a photovoltaic 8 KWp complete kit

for the one-off promotional price of EUR 15,840.00 .

This special offer price includes 20% VAT and delivery to the site, excluding installation.


PV combined system 8 KWp complete kit Austria


  • AXITEC high-quality PV modules (total 8 KWp), 12-year product warranty
  • Inverter Delta RPI M8A TL, 5-year product warranty
  • Installation system, 12-year product warranty
  • NAXIS high-quality infrared panels, 6 KW output, 5-year product warranty
  • Domestic hot water heat pump, NAXIS with integrated storage up to 300 l, 10-year product warranty

Our tip:

If you don’t yet want to implement the whole system, start with the reasonably priced version consisting of infrared panels and a hot water tank. You can easily integrate your own clean energy production later.