NAXIS – Success through efficiency

Infra-red heaters featuring the latest technology – developed in Austria – produced in Germany –
this guarantees the best quality at the most competitive price. All NAXIS products are subject to end-to-end quality control.

The advantages of infra-red heaters are undisputed and sufficiently well-known among all established suppliers.

NAXIS – New Energy Concepts GmbH has set itself the task of making further significant improvements to its existing extensive range of infra-red heaters on the market.

We have considerably increased the energy efficiency of our heating panels by developing and using the latest generation of nanomaterials.
NAXIS offers a range of infrared heaters that meets virtually every requirement in terms of both heating output and also architectural and design challenges.

The NAXIS infra-red heating range includes:

  • Infra-red heating panels for wall (horizontal and vertical) and ceiling mounting
  • Heating elements for installation in grid ceilings (620×620 mm)
  • Suspended heating elements for ceiling mounting

You’ll find the best quality at the most competitive price in our NAXIS BASIC LINE.

This line is designed as follows:
Frame of silver anodized aluminium, front colour is white as standard, connection with Schuko angle plug and 2 m long cable, white.
Connection value 230 Volt, 50 Hz.

DimensionsPerformanceConnection value
500 x 800 mm300 Watt230Volt/50 Hz
300 x 1.200 mm 300 Watt230Volt/50 Hz
500 x 1.200 mm500 Watt230Volt/50 Hz
800 x 1.200 mm750 Watt/900 Watt230Volt/50 Hz