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3/4 Inspired by our existing systems, we developed the infra-red ceiling heating element which is suitable for easy installation in grid ceilings. It is designed for a radiant temperature of 50 °C – 70 °C. Experience has priced, easy installation in the ceiling to keep walls free for customized furnishing. The result is optimum The heating elements made of high-tech nanomaterials are available in two power levels reductions in running costs can be achieved by using dedicated photovoltaic systems. The coated white surfaces can be painted using commercially available paints at any time to meet design requirements. NAXIS INFRA-RED CEILING HEATING Naxis infrared ceiling heating Heating element for grid ceilings NAXIS New Energy Concepts – QUALITY MADE IN EUROPE THE BEST PRICE/PERFORMANCE RATIO We provide a 10-year warranty on all NAXIS infra-red heaters. Order number Dimensions Output/connected load HP-D200-62062-EB 62 x 62 cm 200 Watt 230 V/50 Hz