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In a time of resource scarcity and market dependence, we have made it our aim to make sustainable and inexhaustible energy available to everyone. Our pioneering system is used in residential building, industrial and commercial sectors and is the optimum combination of energy generation, power supply system and consumers.

The innovative NAXIS combined system enables the provision of locally produced energy with high self-sufficiency for space heating, heating of domestic hot water and household electricity.

We also place the energy-saving consumers on a new level of technology and efficiency. With the infra-red systems by NAXIS you’re assured of almost unlimited flexibility and design possibilities.

  • Economical heating with efficient infra-red panels

In future, sustainable and efficient products combined with solar energy generation will be increasingly used as an integral part of energy supply systems in residential building, industry and commerce.

They meet the highest environmental criteria and in addition provide the user with greater economy. They make the best possible use of your self-generated electricity which will noticeably reduce your electricity bill and ensure a thrifty heating period.


About US

NAXIS New Energy Concepts GmbH was founded in 2015 as a development company by Dipl. Ing. Johannes Harrich and Josef Lindenberg in Klagenfurt, Austria. Mr. Dipl. Ing. Johannes Harrich worked in the electronics industry at various companies in a leading position in the development of semiconductor technology. Therefore he has gained extensive experience in dealing with carbon nanotubes and graphenes.

Mr. Josef Lindenberg has established a medical technology company in Germany. He has been the Managing Director for Research and Development for the past 25 years in this company. He himself is the inventor of the first thermoreactive vascular stent and has filed countless patents, some of them are still active today.

From a very early age, both men had the vision to develop future-oriented products, bring them to market and sell them with sales partners. They decided to develop alternative heating elements with high efficiency, longevity and low operating costs. Although there were already some infrared heating panels on the market, it was obvious to the two gentlemen that these panels were not very efficient or very prone to failure, up to total failure due to fire. This laid the foundation for the development and manufacture of the most efficient infrared heating panels.

The result was the NAXIS SERIES N3. The heating plates are TÜV-tested and have the lowest electromagnetic radiation of all infrared heaters actual available on the market. Other products, such as the NAXIS ceiling heating for suspended ceilings in two grid sizes, as well as an AGRAR heating panel with protection class IP69 and foil heatings for wall/ceiling and floor are now in the sales range of NAXIS. The foil heatings are operated with protective low voltage.

All NAXIS products are manufactured with selected “high-tech” materials (carbon nanotubes and graphenes) in special, protected processes according to NAXIS formulations and NAXIS specifications. NAXIS cooperates with ISO-certified partners in Germany and the Netherlands. NAXIS is currently working on a patent-protected development of a “printed heating element” on plasterboard walls for the world market leader in this segment.

A company that grows also carries out internal changes. Therefore Mr. Dipl. Ing. Johannes Harrich left the company in 2018 for private reasons. Dr. Shavkat Mingaliev, a partner of the company from the beginning, has been appointed as the second managing director.

Mr. Lindenberg resigned as Managing Director of NAXIS New Energy Concepts GmbH in 2021 and is still available to the company as a consultant.

Since then, Dr. Shavkat Mingaliev has been the sole managing director and major shareholder of NAXIS New Energy Concepts GmbH.


Efficiency gets a new meaning with the NAXIS complete system.


NAXIS infrared technology enables a healthy indoor climate. Apart from the energy-saving factor, our infra-red systems also offer unlimited opportunities for design and use.


Our systems come with clear and calculable acquisition costs.


Sustainable energy is our future. The NAXIS deal will help you to use free, environmentally compatible energy in the long term.

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Comparison with other convective heating systems

Infra-red * Storage heaters Oil Gas Pellets
Energy consumption kWh +
Maintenance + +
Investment + /
Boiler room + +
Dust turbulence +
Effective against formation of mould +
Installation effort + +
Tiled stove heat +
Local particulate emission + + / /
Local CO2 emission + + / /

* The high efficiency of infra-red radiation when heating room spaces is an energy-saving alternative to conventional convection-based heaters (e.g. water-filled wall radiators) and is ideally suited for heating interiors. Pleasant radiation of heat ensures a comfortable and healthy living climate.

Temperature curve measurement of NAXIS infra-red panel

Rapid heating to a meaningful, perceptible radiation temperature (60 ° -70 °C) guarantees a high annual efficiency level with correspondingly high emissivity. As a result, the required floor and wall temperatures which are necessary for thermal comfort can be achieved more quickly than with sluggish heating systems. Heat storage takes place preferably in the wall.

Our NAXIS infra-red panels reach the necessary radiation temperatures significantly faster with lower energy consumption by comparison with the products of other suppliers.

For example, an established competitor specifies a heat-up time of 5 minutes for a heating panel to reach 60 °C and this is stated as being particularly efficient. Its stated specific outputs are also higher; both factors result in higher electricity consumption compared to our NAXIS infra-red heating panels and thus considerably reduce annual efficiency.

The graph below shows the temperature curve of a NAXIS infra-red heating panel. The measurements were carried out at TÜV SÜD (Technical Inspection Agency – South).

Mode of operation/advantages of infra-red heaters

In infra-red heaters, molecular vibrations generate energy waves. These long-wave vibrations release energy which we perceive as heat. The ensuring thermal radiation has a positive effect on people and is variously used as a means of medical therapy (infra-red radiation for ENT, infra-red cabin).


Conventional heaters primarily heat up the ambient air which involves an extremely high energy requirement. In contrast, infra-red heaters heat up the walls and objects in the room which store the heat considerably longer than the air. The walls give off the heat as secondary radiation and send it back into the room. As a result we get a pleasant, comforting feeling of warmth. The infra-red heat radiation dries out the masonry – thus excluding moisture and any mould formation this might cause.

Infra-red panels

Latest generation cutting-edge nanotechnology ensures fast and effective heating of the room. Whether as towel warmers in bathrooms or as living room heaters, you’ll find suitable product designs in the NAXIS portfolio. The high efficiency of infra-red radiation when heating room spaces is an energy-saving alternative to conventional convection-based heaters (e.g. water-filled wall radiators) and is ideally suited for heating interiors. Pleasant radiation of heat ensures a comfortable and healthy living climate.

Temperature-controlled wall systems

NAXIS infra-red technology enables temperature-controlled walls and brings beneficial and healthy radiant heat into your living area. A variety of surface materials are available. Exclusive Italian glass mosaics, for example, represent an impressive aesthetic upgrade to your living environment and provide a luxurious ambience.