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NAXIS Thermofloor Heating mat

A pleasant room climate thanks to infrared technology.

An agreeable room temperature is the key to making a house into a home. Our answer for more well-being within your own four walls is: NAXIS THERMOFLOOR.

NAXIS THERMOFLOOR is not just a floor heating system. Our electric heating mat is a true wonder of warmth radiation. As thin as it is, it can be practically installed in all rooms of the house. The applications are simply boundless.

The NAXIS THERMOFLOOR heating mat is unique. The technology being used is unique, made up of selected nano materials. This ensures even warmth, and a comfortable indoor climate. NAXIS THERMOFLOOR guarantees highest efficiency, thereby ensuring low running costs.


Additional information and data can be found in our catalogue, and/or in the instructions for the NAXIS THEMOFLOOR heating mat.