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NAXIS Thermowall Heating mat

Heating you don’t see.

NAXIS THERMOWALL: It provides highly efficient and resource-light a perfect feelgood climate within your own four walls. The modern and elegant way to electrically heat
a room.

Open fire warmth, without the open fire? NAXIS THERMOWALL makes this possible. The evenly warmed surface of the infrared heating creates a feel-good atmosphere in every room. Due to its compact flat design and the innovative nanotechnology, the NAXIS THERMOWALL can be used everywhere, even in loft conversions or wet-rooms.

Regardless of whether on the wall, or the celling, the thin heating mats are easy to install, and subsequently, easy to operate. The surfaces of NAXIS THERMOWALL heated walls can be crafted and designed according to personal taste.


Additional information and data can be found in our catalogue, and/or the instructions for the NAXIS THEMOWALL heating mat.