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General Terms and Conditions

1. General
On placing the order, the customer accepts the following conditions as binding: other conditions are only binding if we expressly acknowledge them in writing. This applies particularly for purchasing or order conditions of the customer if they contradict these provisions or exclude individual provisions. Our offers are non-binding and subject to change unless indicated otherwise in the offer. NAXIS will accept neither cancellation nor change enquiries from the purchaser if they are received more than 4 days after issue of the order confirmation and consequently after its irrevocability. The full price will be charged for goods
already in production or sent for shipment unless we have agreed to cancellation of the contract in writing.

2. Prices
Prices are in euros ex works and do not include VAT. Our prices are based on current cost factors. We charge a processing fee of EUR 20 for orders below a minimum value of EUR 100.

3. Delivery, lead time
The standard lead time is 30 days after receipt of order. All products in stock will be delivered within a week. Compliance with the lead time requires the timely receipt of all documents that are to be furnished by the customer. The customer may neither demand damages nor cancel the purchase due to delayed delivery. Disruption of operations of any type, particularly delays in the delivery of raw material, strikes, machine defects or cases of force majeure as well as failure to comply with payment terms, entitle us to postpone the lead time. We are entitled to make partial deliveries which are regarded as a separate business

4. Payment terms
Unless agreed otherwise, the amount invoiced is to be paid net within 30 days of the invoice date. If payment is not made within the stipulated period, we shall be entitled to charge interest on arrears of 3% above the interest rate of the National Bank. We will only accept bills of exchange by special agreement taking into account all collection costs and discount charges.

5. Retention of title
The goods delivered will remain our property until full payment of the agreed price or until clearance of the cheque or bill of exchange tendered for them.

6. Complaints
Complaints will only be considered if they are sent to us in writing within 30 days of receipt of the goods. At our request, the rejected parts must be sent back to us at our expense.

7. Place of fulfilment, legal venue
The place of fulfilment for deliveries and payments is Klagenfurt/Austria. The legal venue is Klagenfurt Provincial Court as the Commercial Court. The contract is subject to Austrian law.