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N3 Series

With the N3 infra-red heating series, NAXIS New Energy Concepts GmbH has developed the ultimate infra-red heating panel.

By using the latest nanotechnologies and materials that are also used in the aerospace industry, this N3 heating series is currently the most efficient infra-red heating panel on the market. Our high-end infra-red heating panels feature UV-resistant material surfaces, quality that’s guaranteed to make them both impressively stylish and also safe. With careful planning and intelligent production methods, we can supply the most reasonably priced and the most efficient infra-red heating panel developed in Austria.

Quality has a name and that name is NAXIS New Energy Concepts.

Format Output/Watt
30 x 120 cm 300 Watt
50 x 80 cm 300 Watt
50 x 120 cm 500 Watt
80 x 120 cm 750 Watt
80 x 120 cm 900 Watt

N3 Rondo

Inspired by the traditional tiled stove, we have extended the NAXIS N3 series with the “Rondo” heater.

The N3 Rondo is a modern variant of the tiled stove with all the attributes of modern living.

Both the tiled stove and the NAXIS – N3 Rondo deliver the usual pleasant radiant heat. The NAXIS – N3 Rondo, however, is electrically operated with a highly efficient infra-red heater. This means cost-efficient heat yield without the arduous task of feeding the stove with wood, without a chimney and without the hassle of cleaning and disposing of the ash.

The other advantage of the NAXIS – N3 Rondo is that the radiant heat is fully available within just a few minutes. And what’s more, the room temperature can also be regulated at any time with a room thermostat.

The NAXIS – N3 Rondo is available as a floor standing model, a wall-hung model or as a wall-hung corner version. The standard colour is white RAL9010.

Version Format Output/Watt
Floor standing model 50 x 150 cm 1000 Watt
Wall-mounted model 50 x 150 cm 1000 Watt
Wall-mounted model Corner version 50 x 150 cm 1000 Watt